Startup Advisory

Our team has worked with a number of innovative startups all over the continent and done a lot of great work in the area of startup advisory. We have worked with startups from ideation to incubation, helping them achieve product-market fit and customer satisfaction. We help founders and founding teams with fundraising rounds, from pre-seed rounds to pricier rounds.

We work with some of Africa's most important incubators and growth hubs to help startups find the value in their businesses, from coming up with ideas to building them out and going to market.  Our clients have an advantage when they use the startup team's extensive experience, knowledge, and network of ecosystem actors and players to reach their goals and take their startups to the next level.

We are experts on market trends and cutting-edge best practices in the African startup ecosystem, a growing business area. We talk to leading thinkers and government officials about the toughest problems that African start-ups and new businesses face.

We also help founders and founding teams with all aspects of their business, such as general legal advice and company secretarial work, due diligence investigations, licencing requirements, corporate governance strategy, and other legal and regulatory requirements specific to the client's needs. Our startup team prides itself on guiding and advising some of Africa’s notable startups to attain global relevance.

Our Offering

Legal and Business Advisory

Market Entry Support
Corporate Governance Strategy
Fundraising Advisory
Corporate Registration and Licensing
Intellectual Property Registration and Management
Risk and Compliance Service

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