Privacy and Data Protection

Data is at the heart of our digital economy, and with an increase in privacy and data protection legislation around the world, businesses are required to comply in a variety of jurisdictions. Developing and implementing a globally compliant data protection strategy is quickly becoming a survival strategy and a requirement for businesses looking to gain a global competitive advantage. Not only does it increase consumer confidence, but it also promotes the development of methods to safeguard information privacy, a fundamental human right. We intend to provide our new and existing clients with the comprehensive and custom-tailored strategies necessary for making informed decisions in pursuit of a global advantage.

Our experienced privacy and protection team has helped several companies, including multinational organisations, set up and manage their privacy programmes to protect privacy and ethics while also meeting best-practice standards. Our team members have contributed to international whitepapers, guides, and research, and they have also given both local and international expert reports on privacy and data protection. We reviewed and made policy recommendations for draft legislation on privacy and data protection in Africa.  Our groundbreaking research has consistently sparked positive action from regulators and stakeholders in Africa, particularly in the areas of privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity.

As a pan-African company, Tech Hive has deep expertise and leadership in building and maturing comprehensive privacy programmes and enabling continuous compliance, information governance, and data security alongside the changing privacy landscape for companies across Africa.

Our Offering

Data protection advice on regulatory and compliance requirements under various data protection or ancillary laws;

Building and maintaining privacy programmes based on global data protection legislation and frameworks;

Providing advice on international data transfers and managing data subject rights requests;

Reviewing and drafting organisation-specific privacy and data security policies, procedures, and guidelines;

Monitoring, testing, and designing metrics for the privacy programme;

Data Protection Officer as a Service;

Advisory on data breach, incident, and strategy for risk management;

Conducting a data protection impact assessment;

Facilitation of general, certification-based, and role-based training, awareness, and capacity development.

Conducting and filing statutory data protection audit reports, advising on registration with regulators, and getting approval for documents;

Providing guidance on the data protection aspects of merger and acquisition, joint venture, and other complex commercial transactions;

Research, policy advisory and analysis, inquiry and investigations bordering on privacy, cybersecurity, and internet policy.

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