Regulatory Intelligence

Tech Hive's Regulatory Intelligence Service is an alternative to manually tracking different sources of regulations that assists organisations in preparing for and staying ahead of regulatory developments in the information technology domain and the global marketplace. Manually tracking regulations could result in blind spots, exposing organisations to greater risk if they miss significant business-impacting developments.

Our regulatory intelligence team and resources are vital for organisations of all sizes across all industries to stay informed and compliant with the ever-changing legal and regulatory environment and to make strategic decisions that align with regulatory requirements. We make smart and useful contributions to policy and legislative changes by considering our client's needs and what's important for the ecosystem's growth.

We proactively engage government agencies and parastatals to monitor and analyse changes in regulations and industry trends, whether at pre- or post-implementation stages, to help businesses identify opportunities for growth and expansion, mitigate risks, and avoid penalties for noncompliance.

Our regulatory intelligence team focuses on Africa's innovative and technological ecosystem to help our clients identify and capitalise on growth, innovation, and expansion opportunities. 

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