Research and
Public Policy

We make insightful contributions to various technology policy topical areas by recognising our clients' interests and what is necessary for the ecosystem's growth.  We have contributed to global technology policy conversations and made interventions to improve policy quality.  

Our research and policy hub collaborates on technology-related policies with leading research institutes, academia, organisations, founders, civil society, and individuals on policies affecting technology. We research requests to help our clients learn more about specific topics related to data protection, cybersecurity, startup funding, technology policies, and other technology-related areas.

We also support legal and compliance teams with advice when making interventions in proposed policies and legislation to address the potential regulatory risk to their business. We frame the recommendations and advice around action points impacting their business.  That is not where we stop, our team monitors and participates in policy debates and public hearings on proposed legislation at state and federal legislatures and various government agencies, ministries, and departments. 

At Tech Hive, we furnish our clients with comprehensive and holistic research that equips them to stay ahead of industry trends amidst heightening competition and growing legislative and regulatory complexity. Some of our research has proven helpful to regulators, businesses, and researchers.  We publish and contribute to whitepapers, reports, policy briefs, infographics, guides and guidelines, academic journals, and publications. Tech Hive has continuously improved the body of knowledge and research in the technology ecosystem through our research, infographics, illustrations, explainer videos, interactive platforms, and ground-breaking reports since its inception.

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Research on Demand

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