Protecting Nigerian Creative : Highlight of the Copyright Act 2022

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Copyright Act is a crucial legal framework that protects the rights of creators, innovators, and owners of original works to promote creativity and ensure just rewards and recognition for intellectual efforts.

In keeping with his commitment to protecting and fostering innovation and creativity, the Nigerian president recently signed the Copyright Act 2022, which repeals the Copyright Act 2004, which had been in effect since 1988. The new Act contains 109 sections and a schedule, as opposed to the previous Act's 52sections and five schedules. The review of the new Act highlights key provisions and innovative changes pertaining to, among other things, clarity of rights, online infringement and the role of internet service providers, safeguarding technological protection measures, promotion of access to information by print disabled persons, performer's rights, protection of collective and individual rights, a broader scope of criminal liability, and deterrent penalties.