IP Forecast 2023

Friday, March 24, 2023

The events of 2022 dwarfed our previous predictions.

In 2021, we reviewed our past predictions and made some predictions for 2022. In2022, there was an increase in commercial activity, which led to more trademark registrations and copyright protection generally. There was an increase in the discourse of Intellectual Property (IP) and protection of digital space as a result of wider acceptance of digital assets, tokens and the growth of the metaverse technology.

The events of 2022 dwarfed our previous predictions. While some predictions undoubtedly did not come to pass, the year proved to be a breakthrough for intellectual property as business owners became more intentional about the protection and exploitation of their IP rights.

Looking back at the year 2022, we reviewed the events that took place in the IP space in addition to our predictions to determine how many came true. We concluded with our predictions for 2023.