The Role of Policy in Digital Health Transformation

Undoubtedly, technology has wrought significant changes resulting in the digitalisation of the services sector, digital health inclusive. Over time, technology has been leveraged to deliver a better and more efficient health care system. Digital health can simply be defined as when ‘health meets technology’, and it dates back as far as the adoption of electronic records in the 1990s.Digital health has a lot of multidisciplinary stakeholders, including lawyers, lawmakers, health-tech startups and founders, healthcare providers, insurance carriers, investors, etc., and each stakeholder or actor has a role to play in contributing their own quota to building the ecosystem. However, the global frameworks that guide technology in impacting the health ecosystem are still at an early stage which includes guiding how artificial intelligence and blockchain can be leveraged as well as its ethical concerns. Although ICT has gotten much traction compared to previous years, it still faces several challenges despite its booming nature.