Founder Guide on Communication in Startups

Communication is one of the key areas that requires optimal focus in Startups. It is a known fact that Startups grow exponentially, therefore they need to have good communication strategies at the very beginning. Effective business communication involves successfully passing information across individuals both within and outside a business. A Startup must have proper communication procedures and tactics in place as it is very pivotal in helping it move forward and succeed. Communication should begiven priority in your startup, whether you are working remotely or in a physical location. As your Startup grows, the communication pool widens, and it becomes easier for complacency to slip through the cracks. When communication is not effective, it creates fractured teams which in turn affects the success of a startup as the growth of the Start-up is pulled in different directions. Ineffective communication has an impact on your Startup's efficiency, procedures, productivity, profitability, and every other layer.

There are different ways of communicating in a Startup and this could be web based, telephone communication, video conferencing, face to face meetings, reports and official documents, presentations, surveys and others. The appropriate communication method to apply in your Startup largely depends on your preferences and the team strength at any given time.