2020: A Year in Cybersecurity, Lessons and Plans for 2021

2020! There have been various recounts of 2020: tales of events that unfolded – the good, but mostly the bad and the very ugly. “Ugly” is too limited a term to describe some of the events which have remained with us as you read this in 2021, or maybe until 2022 (we do not know what is to come). Nonetheless, in cybersecurity, 2020 was just like every other year. Hence, we have no doubt about 2021! What could be the worst that could happen? Cyberattacks leading to ransomware? Data breaches, or theft or loss of confidential or financial information? A critical part of the internet being unavailable; or a cyberattack leading to an unfortunate actual loss of life?. There is also the nation-state cyber-attack, the associated attribution and the devastation which is still being uncovered.

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